About Us

meaelin.com is a small online marketplace for discovering unique, new-to-market products and we have supplier all over the world.

Our vision was to carve out a little piece of the internet where we could share the sweet finds of exciting gadgets and gifts, the coolest accessories, innovative tech and quirky, yet functional, modern consumer electronics. In the beginning, things were tight, the budget minimal and the learning curve of how to share those items with the right online community was a challenge.

However, after our initial launch, it was clear we were on the right track and we have been working hard every day since to select the best products available. Then source those products directly from the manufacturers and deliver them to you, our customer.

As a company, we are always looking for that next opportunity to create a more convenient, “hassle-free” shopping experience.

Our passion for bringing the latest products to you inspires us to dig a little deeper and search a little bit longer because we’re customers at heart too! We love feeling the thrill, fascination, and desire for great and useful things. We believe you want to make good choices too, so we invite you to join us, come find something new and exciting!

 The meaelin.com Team



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E-mail: info@meaelin.com

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